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Medical Services

“Does that mean no ones going to be mean to you anymore Mommy?” “Yeah baby, that’s right”- A CCN client and her son having a conversation right after escaping her abuser with our help.

CCN’s medical advocacy program trains and assists medical systems and others in identifying victims and providing them with life saving care and resources. The program creates screening tools, training resources, and distributes tangible health care items to people in need.The CCN medical advocate is also trained to respond on site to CCN partner hospitals when needed.

Crisis Center North works within medical systems with the hopes to change the way the systems function to be more trauma informed and allow victims to access resources easily. In addition to the clients served, last year the program also provided training to 950 individuals in the healthcare field.

Types of training that CCN can provide to your agency are as follows:


       -   Domestic Violence 101

       -   Traumatic Brain Injury

       -   Interpersonal Violence in Later Life

       -   Recognize, Respond, and Refer

       -   Power, Control and Relationship Abuse


To schedule trainings for your staff or agency, use the contact info below.

Hannah Wilson

CCN Medical Advocate



Updated April 27, 2023