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Upcoming Events

February 28, 2024

Virtual Workshop: Safer Together - Cross-Reporting for Humane and Human Services

Internationally acclaimed lecturer, author and educator Phil Arkow joins with Crisis Center North and the Keystone Link Coalition.

An increasing number of states are requiring child and adult protective services caseworkers, social workers, counselors, and veterinarians to report suspected animal abuse, and humane and animal control officers to report suspected abuse of children and older adults. Sadly, Pennsylvania lags far behind the national movement that recognizes that animal cruelty and other forms of family violence are Linked, and that by preventing one can prevent the others. This workshop is important because it will introduce you to compelling evidence Linking animal cruelty and neglect to domestic violence, child abuse, child sexual abuse, and elder abuse. We’re going to introduce you to the concept, explain what you need to know about it, and show you how it’s being addressed elsewhere and what YOU can do about it.

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May 17, 2024

17th Annual Cocktails & Cuisine

Tickets are on sale now! New VIP Tickets and Early-Bird Pricing Available!

Prepare for the foodie event of the season, the 17th Annual Cocktails & Cuisine! Our signature annual fundraiser, Cocktails & Cuisine, includes live music, signature dishes from local Pittsburgh restaurants and chefs, delectable desserts, along with cocktails, regional spirits, wine, and beer. While mingling with community friends and neighbors, guests can browse our extensive silent auction and consider the fantastic vacations, catered gatherings, sporting events, and other great prizes during our exciting auction. The 17th annual Cocktails & Cuisine will be held at The Woodlands on Friday May 17, 2024.

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