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"I no longer feel as though I'm running alone from a monster disguised in a human body. I feel supported, cared for, and heard like never before by extremely good-hearted People who want me to shine again. I now have hope for my future.” – A CCN Client

Abusive behavior can be challenging and affect all aspects of one’s life. CCN provides Trauma Informed care to individuals dealing with the impact of abusive behavior in their life whether it be past or present. CCN’s counselors provide individual, group, children’s counseling; and animal-assisted therapy through Trauma Informed Care. Trauma Informed Care assists in that the staff will not dictate what and individual’s needs are instead, they help support and guide individuals in their own goals and treatment planning. Any individual attempting to manage these issues may feel alone and may struggle in current relationships. CCN is here to help understand that process. Last year, CCN’s counselors were able to provide more than 11,749 services for clients in need.
Counseling services at Crisis Center North are based on the Empowerment Theory and can:

Mobile Advocacy Program

In 2017, CCN established a pilot mobile counseling program that addressed service provision gaps for DV victims and systemic barriers to service provision. Such barriers include a lack of transportation, homelessness, and the co-occurrence of DV and substance abuse. The MA Program provides solutions for these barriers that prevent victims in at-risk communities from seeking life-saving help. Mobile Advocates respond to referrals made for individual domestic violence survivors and offer group counseling services.

According to the National Center for Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health, "many survivors who use substances, it is a way to cope with the traumatic effects of abuse." Locations for MA service provision continue to address the intersectionality of DV with issues such as addiction, homelessness, disability, and transportation/access to services. Gateway Rehabilitation Center, the most extensive drug rehab and addiction recovery network in the greater Pittsburgh region, partners with CCN to ensure their patients who are in recovery have access to free DV services. This partnership provides free counseling services to individuals recovering from addiction, providing an opportunity to understand and heal from trauma, improving their overall health and well-being. It also provides them with continued DV services once they leave the facility. CCN advocates are located in offices at their primary location and provide group counseling at their outpatient clinic in Wexford. This partnership also shows that the education of Gateway staff to recognize and refer survivors of domestic violence is working.

CCN provides ongoing counseling services and crisis intervention at partner sites throughout Allegheny County. Real-time response and specialized training with healthcare and public service workers allow organizations to better identify individuals experiencing DV in their lives. Partner sites include:
1. West Penn Hospital
2. Allegheny General Hospital (AGH)
3. Federal Street North Clinic
4. Wexford AHN Hospital
5. Gateway Rehabilitation, Main Campus
6. Gateway Rehabilitation Outpatient Services
7. HEARTH (a homeless/housing center)
8. Roots of Faith
9. CCAC (all five campus locations)

Updated June 22, 2023